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Barnet Council – Efficiency and Transformation Programme

Efficiency & Transformation Programme

Shared Services Registers and Others

Social Care Marketplace

Personal Assistants

Commercialisation of Green Spaces

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Thurrock Council – Commercial Review of IT Services Contract

Review of Outsourced contract

Review of Oracle Implementation

Implementation Plan for Digital Programme

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University of Leeds – Dynamics CRM programme

The University of Leeds aims to offer a digital end-to-end student experience for new and in-study Under-Graduates and Post Graduates to create a competitive advantage amongst the Russell Group and other universities.  Students more than any want a digital, paperless experience and Leeds’ investment in a programme of change to use enabling digital, mobile and CRM technology to transform and create an integrated and richer customer experience helps achieve this goal.  Its ongoing aim is to built on this and become a more digital campus.

Digital First helped reset the focus of the change programme providing leadership and challenge to ensure its had the best partners and technology, alongside a structure programme of service redesign to move Leeds’ ambitions forward.


“This ambitious programme delivers a fully integrated end-to-end student experience that benefits students, academic colleagues and integrates the work of our student education support staff. In doing so this will protect and grow our revenue streams whilst delivering an important return on investment. This is the biggest and most exciting change programme in the University of Leeds recent history. The challenge and support we received helps us greatly on our journey."

Senior Responsible Officer & Pro Vice Chancellor
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Sunderland City Council

Sunderland is a leading digital council, with its software city concept. The Council needed to innovate and develop a new approach to handling big data. With this objective it created its requirements for an intelligence hub.

"Sunderland is moving towards an exciting new era of digital innovation and new forms of service delivery for our citizens. DigitalFirst have effectively supported us in defining and taking forward new concepts such as the creation of an intelligence hub and new shared service models to help bring new partnerships to the Council. This moves forward our digital agenda."

Mike Poulter, Head of Service Transformation
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The College of Policing

The College of Policing is fundamentally transforming itself to become a more commercial, membership services driven organisation.   DigitalFirst played the pivotal role in supporting the design and delivery of the change programme. Our Directors held key roles as Change Director and Commercial Director. We built a core team of specialists to drive the programme across technology, knowledge management, membership services and financial programme appraisal.

“On behalf of the College of Policing, I wanted to thank DigitalFirst for the hard work and dedication in directing the College Change Programme. The invaluable help, and skills of the team were essential in taking us to a new structure and innovative way of working. I am personally grateful for the support to me during the whole process”

Rob Beckley, COO and SRO for the Change Programme
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Digital UK and Freeview

With the end of switchover, the advent of new connected solutions, and the coming ‘era of change’ on the platform Digital UK believed that there is benefit in reviewing the operational management of the platform.

"It is clear that the Digital UK platform operations function well, and we do not see any imminent risk, but we believe that there are always opportunities to improve clarity of responsibilities, we have clear processes but these often rely on the knowledge, relationships and goodwill of a small number of individuals", so we are confident that this review will give us knew insight and some practical recommendations".

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