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Deploying 5G in the digital place

The evolution of 5G

At the end of 2027, the expectation is that 5G will become real and ubiquitous with mobile providers already marketing those fancy handsets to the early adopters. Alongside commercial investment the Government is promoting funding to deliver UK wide use cases to support business deployment. 

We also see misinformation – its just another step…3G to 4G used an example – faster speeds for the mobile user, radiation fears, security concerns, marketing over substance and so on. There is a need this time around for the potential to be clearly articulated as early as possible, this is an industrial revolution.

5G brings three significant improvements over 4G: faster data transfers, lower latencies, and reduced power requirements. The revolutionary nature of these advances this time around cannot be underestimated. Faster mobile broadband is a good thing, but 4G is already fast—will 5G make much of a difference to our lives and businesses?

Thinking of 5G is a minor evolution is a mistake, especially for business and Place leaders for whom 5G will be of strategic importance…and we need to explain how all that early investment in IoT, smart cities, edge computing, Place forums can accelerate exponentially if we deliver in a hybrid world….tying it all together…this isn’t a baby/bathwater scenario.

This time the big players also have to swim with fast moving innovators, feeding the integration of technologies – agnostisim and the Place need is the focus..what do you need to move for your challenges? Convergence is here moving forward to a mix of wireless (4G, 5G and WiFi) and fixed solutions are key to meet the target numbers for ultra-dense, reliable and fast connectivity, how do you broker market honesty?

Place leaders are in charge, shared ownership of infrastructure and shared revenue models will be explored to bring the best to support your drivers but there will be a need to cut through the hypsters spin quickly to ensure you can stand above in the drive for funding.

Its not just about movie download times, its a lifestyle and place game changer

5G data transfer is a lot faster than 4G. How much faster depends on the network and how many people are using it, but the average consumer can expect flawless streaming and high-speed downloads..

New capabilities inspire new applications. If you can already stream movies at an acceptable quality to your phone, 5G won’t make change your movie viewing experience, but it will make new applications possible, including much improved augmented and virtual reality, better gaming, real-time healthcare monitoring, and many other applications that depend on a data-rich environment.

Increased network capacity doesn’t just mean better transfer speeds for individual consumers. It also allows more devices to connect at the same time. Contention issues affect many 4G users in big cities. Almost two thirds of 4G users report connectivity issues from overloaded networks. Mobile networks simply don’t have the capacity to support everyone who wants to connect. 5G offers excellent performance for many more devices than 4G.

Faster mobile connectivity for smartphones and tablets is positive, but the 5G boost will be felt most strongly in industry and sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, self-driving vehicles, and healthcare.

It might appear that the Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded in recent years, but in reality, network limitations have impeded its progress. For the IoT, high latency and power consumption have been a challenge. No one would trust a “smart” traffic management system with huge latencies. 5G reduces latencies tenfold, 1 millisecond latencies equals faster than thought decision making…

5G will drive advances across a wide range of technologies with applications throughout industry. 5G powered networks of smart devices will deliver the data that machine learning technologies require. Low-latency high-bandwidth devices will fuel the growth in smart cities, autonomous vehicles, robotics.

The time is now for Place leaders who can see the changes that ubiquitous low-latency, low-power connectivity will bring to their locations and that they have an opportunity to use that technology to bring their unique Place and story to life.

Turning vision into delivery

Digital First help bring all this to ground. Analysing the return on investment, pulling the ambitions and desires of a Place together to help drive this new technology into making your uniqueness have the best chance to shine. Avoiding the hype….blended communication technologies for differing outcomes, protecting your investments and giving even more return on current investments – potentially creating your own market changing use case.

We will finally see Place leaders feeling confident in developing models that support crashing together assets because we can see that the information flow and revenue models to support across common outcomes can now be a reality…..lets develop those local roadmaps with you and go get some funding!

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