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DigitalFirst works with technology specialists across multiple infrastructure platforms to deliver solutions that drive disruptive business models

The entire way technology is being deployed is changing: cloud computing has replaced the tradition of tying applications to specific servers, mobile is becoming the default not the novelty, self service is increasingly needed to quicken service delivery and reduce service cost.

For a digital journey to succeed it must be matched with a flexible tech infrastructure that enables such disruption. DigitalFirst has established partnerships, collaborations and specialist staff to deliver a range of support including:

  • UK based Cloud Hosting
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Customer Relationship and Case Management Solutions
  • Office Automation Tools
  • Collaboration Tools and Services
  • Web Services
  • Data Analytics Services
  • Social Media Tools
  • Workflow Tools

Building a tech infrastructure fit for purpose means making technology a key component of business delivery rather than just an enabler. This fundamental shift toward cloud computing and mobile technology is generating new business applications that need to be accessible 24/7 from anywhere.  Customers want service access increasingly wherever they are. The demand for ubiquitous applications with access to data anywhere is triggering a data explosion, and the volume of data will continue to grow sharply in the future. The trends are startling:

  • There will be 1 billion smart phones in use by 2016, 350 million of these will be used at work
  • 82% of the world’s online population uses social media
  • 50% of businesses have a clear roadmap to use Cloud Hosting, the business case for having your own “data centre” is hard to justify
  • Mobile technology and apps will continue to expand exponentially

Our partner page sets out the extent of our capability across our partner network. Although much of our current joint expertise is in delivering business solutions based on the Microsoft products and solutions set we also have expertise in delivering across other platforms including Google and other bespoke platforms.

What makes us different is that we facilitate the delivery of the technical solutions in the context of business change.

For more information on our service please contact Stephen Gray via [email protected] or 07801 038155 or Andrew Rogers via [email protected] or 07768 478611.

Digital First has worked alongside the bi-boroughs of Westminster City and Kensington & Chelsea Councils (the Bi-Boroughs) to provide specialist advice in the design, development and benefits evaluation of a new Adult Social Care digital platform to improve service delivery and efficiency and deliver better outcomes for service users.

We collaborated with key operational, technical and policy staff across the two boroughs to assess the design and development of the emerging digital platform to identify, capture and quantify the range of opportunities and benefits that a fully integrated digital platform for adult social care services can deliver.

The implementation of the digital platform provides financial benefits which include large savings of up to £12.3m including 3rd party savings from contract savings, overhead savings, and income generation  for the bi-boroughs.

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