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Councils have always been faced with change – this time around the scale is even larger and today’s challenge is driving major efforts at redesigning an digitising services, introducing new ways of working and driving new forms of service delivery.

Digital First believes that it is essentially to create an integrated digital strategy to understand the scale of investment needed, the priorities for technology transformation and identify the changes to create a better customer experience at lower cost.

Our philosophy is ‘Digital by Choice’ – a customer experience that feels the natural ways to interact with councils – rather like a typical experience people have at home with Amazon or eBay, Airbnb or Uber.

Our work helps bring insight to digital strategies, helps define them and design a programme of digital change to implement the king of tech road map and change projects that truly transform councils.  We bring a proven team of digital specialists, commercial advisors and transformation resource that can accelerate digital transformation in council.

Some of our recent clients include:

Local Government Association – We brought back in-house an outsourced contract, successfully delivered a back office transformation and created a leading Digital shared services for the LGA

Lewisham Council – We helped Lewisham gain insight on its digital challenges, build a digital transformation programme and support delivery through a ‘digital front door’ solution and digital service implementation.

Brent Council – We helped Brent in unified their digital initiatives into a common and coherent strategy and helped build their agenda for the new digital economy, whilst building on their commercial success as a digital shared services

Northumberland County Council – We built the successful iNorthumberland Digital Programme, led the procurement and design and supported early delivery a £30m digital infrastructure, social digital inclusion and a digital economy programme across the County

Thurrock Council – We provided the commercial and technology challenge to enable Thurrock to assess its outsource partnership, bring the service back in-house and embark on a transformation of digital change

London Borough of Barnet – We supported the Council’s far-reaching Priority Services Review (PSR) programme ambitions to deliver £70m over the next five years, proving commercial challenge and business case implementation for shared services and service improvement projects

And many more…

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Mosscare St Vincent’s – Developing a Digital Strategy

Digital First worked with Mosscare St Vincent’s Housing Association to support the organisation increase its digital presence and service delivery, help develop a strategy and delivery roadmap.  Through a technology review,  staff engagement and outcome based workshops we assessed the baseline position and created the digital transformation roadmap and project priorities for MSV.

Our collaborative style of working with MSV helped secure a cross organisational buy-in to the transformation roadmap and now forms a key strand of its Back to Basic transformation programme.

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