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DigitalFirst provides consultancy services that are designed to deliver. We can take you through a digitally transformational journey that doesn’t commit you to a traditionally lengthy and costly change programme but instead ensures you see benefits and outcomes being delivered that are focused. We will coach your leadership team and your internal staff to be agile and innovative thinkers and then give you the tools to create digitally disruptive business models. Truly innovative business models are those where:

  • The customer is at the centre of everything the organisation does
  • There is a clear digital strategy that is aligned to the business strategy and the capability to deliver the change
  • Technology is seen as a key component of business delivery rather than just an enabler
  • Traditional departmental boundaries are ignored and involve delivery across multiple agencies
  • Information is shared across multiple agencies to enable highly efficient delivery

For these reasons we describe our consultancy services in delivering the following elements of the digital journey:

Digital Strategy
Discovery & Insight
Disruptive Design
Digital ROI

Our Digital Journey
Our clients tell us that we deliver real benefits because our consulting teams:

  • Use an iterative agile process with new design concepts being trialled and piloted early, this shortens development times and is proven to result in change that works.
  • Bring commercial challenge and commercial expertise that ensure that the models we develop with deliver both income and savings at the levels required and to the benefit of relevant stakeholders. Often this commercial challenge is a new concept to our public sector clients but one that is increasingly vital and one that requires true partnership working.
  • Encourage co-development of the ideas that we bring to the table, which benefits not only our immediate client but also many other clients across the sector; this is particularly true in the public sector. We will often co-develop and trial a new concept or product with a particularly innovative client sharing the costs of development to our joint commercial benefit.
  • Inject creativity and challenge by bringing ideas that are truly out of the box. We use a range of creative techniques and we are trained facilitators and mentors who can get your team thinking differently. We think digital by design so when working with you to create new models we will also challenge traditional practices.
  • Understand your business because we always pull together the most relevant expertise when resourcing an assignment, this will typically include functional, service area specific and technical expertise. Our teams will not be learning on the job they come ready to add value from day one.
  • Provide project and programme management that works. Industry-recognised, best practice guidelines form the basis of the assignments that we manage. We work with your team to tailor and adapt recognised methods to suit your organisation, to ensure that you get best from recognised methods such as MSP or PRINCE 2 without over engineering your projects and programmes. The approach you use has to fit with the principles of agile so we recognise which features actually improve the chances of success and will resist the elements that are not adding value to the delivery.
  • Facilitate solutions delivery. In the world of digital the “art of the possible” is now breath-taking. If together we can “think it” then we are likely to be able to “create it”. We pride ourselves on being able to bring together the expertise required to deliver the creative models we design. This is typically achieved by bring together expertise from niche technology providers delivered on a range of different platforms, scaled as appropriate, delivered securely and hosted in a variety of scenarios. Much of the value we add is in configuring the different components you require, using a language that is appropriate to your business and your customers.

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Mosscare St Vincent’s – Developing a Digital Strategy

Digital First worked with Mosscare St Vincent’s Housing Association to support the organisation increase its digital presence and service delivery, help develop a strategy and delivery roadmap.  Through a technology review,  staff engagement and outcome based workshops we assessed the baseline position and created the digital transformation roadmap and project priorities for MSV.

Our collaborative style of working with MSV helped secure a cross organisational buy-in to the transformation roadmap and now forms a key strand of its Back to Basic transformation programme.

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